George Will Op-Ed Second Most Viewed Article at Washington

By Chris Mooney | March 21, 2009 5:09 pm

My oped is second only to a roundup of business news, as of 4 pm ET. See here.

The op-ed has generated some 440 comments, too, at last count. I wonder if we will hear anything further from Mr. Will….

UPDATE: Scratch that, as of 7 ET, it is the number one article on the website….

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Comments (8)

  1. If George Will doesn’t respond to you after this, he’s proven himself to be a coward.

  2. egbooth

    Congrats, Chris! Very well written response. Thanks so much for putting forth the effort even though it seemed like there wasn’t much of a chance that it would be published.

  3. llewelly

    It seems all those congratulations you received before it was published were deserved. (Although you were right to urge people to not judge your article before reading it.)

  4. Congratulations. It’s a well written article, and reflects one of your qualities which I like; your reasonableness and ability to criticize without ad hominem attacks or extreme statements. Although I am sure that by now, and especially given the titles of your books, they have already painted you as a flag-waving leftists. Mission accomplished I say.

  5. Based on the comments, I should also say you now need to buckle up for some hate mail (assuming you have not already received it)

  6. Congratulations Chris. I do hope, however, that not many people will read the comments, because the ones on the last page, at this hour (Sunday 11.30 am) are pretty depressing. A lot of those people have a lot of time on their hands, apparently…

  7. Have you read the Nature article on the state and decline of science journalism? Sadly it does not seem to quote you

  8. Nice job, Chris. The comments on the WaPo site can indeed be depressing, but it’s not completely one-sided: I and some others have done our best in your defense. It’s not easy being green.

    I only wish it hadn’t taken the Post over a month to do this. Very disappointing, for what was once a great paper.


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