A Docu Everyone Should Check Out: Owning the Weather

By Chris Mooney | March 24, 2009 5:32 pm

And not just because it features yours truly as a talking head.

This is a science- and history-rich documentary about climate and weather modification–which we may well be on the verge of. There has been much quackery in this area in the past, but when it comes to combating global warming, so-called geoengineering could wind up being the real thing–and one of our few, albeit undesirable, options.

To that end I want to alert you that Owning the Weather will be premiering on April 3rd at the prestigious Full Frame Film Festival in Durham, NC–more info here. Moreover, here’s the trailer, in which I figure briefly:

I’m hoping, time and travel permitting, to be involved in the promotional activities for this film. I really think it’s excellent–and important.


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  1. Revyloution

    Egads. Just the trailer gives me goosebumps.

    I’d always assumed that when we could control the weather, that it would be for the better of all mankind. Of course, if I was alive during 1945, I would have probably been one of the guys claiming that harnessing the atom would bring in a new area of peace.

    I must be far too naive, I never even considered using weather as a weapon. Or charging people for rain. I just loved the comparison of people who can’t control how many chili dogs they eat. Dammit, now I’m hungry.

  2. Sarah

    For those of us unable to attend the showing of this film… where might we find it in its entirety? I MUST watch this!

  3. MadScientist

    Dr. Loveless (or was it Lovelace?) will be pleased. I hope Jim West doesn’t foil his nefarious scheme.

    There’s still shiploads of BS on the subject. The Polar Stern recently carried out a small experiment and the doomsayers were squawking loudly on the TV news; absolutely nothing of relevance was said about the actual experiment.

    Here’s one way to look at the subject: decades of putting out enormous amounts of CO2 has changed the “global mean temperature” (not necessarily a good indicator of anything other than the planet is getting warmer) by a very small amount. At the moment everything we do involves generation of large amounts of CO2. What can we do which will have a dramatic effect on climate without that nasty CO2 coming in to play? It’s certainly a tricky situation – is it even possible?


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