Another Response to George Will; Off to Lecture in Oklahoma

By Chris Mooney | April 1, 2009 8:55 am

The San Jose Mercury News has also now seen fit to print my column on George Will. See here. That’s two major papers that have run the piece, in addition to the Washington Post…and that may well be it. We’ll see. I haven’t achieved anything like Will’s original distribution, but on the other hand, I have reached a lot of people. It was an interesting way of spending time; not the kind of thing I can do very often, but in this case, definitely satisfying.

Meanwhile, we’re both traveling today–I’m off to the University of Oklahoma, where I’ll be the keynote speaker tomorrow at this conference on the communication of weather risks, and will be presenting a broader look at the problem of science communication. This obviously has a lot to do with the themes of the new book, and in the talk I’ll be trying out a lot of the material that will also wind up in our joint Unscientific America lectures–so we’ll see how they like it! Personally, I’m optimistic. In some ways there’s nothing easier than preparing a talk after you’ve written an entire book: All you have to do is pick out what you view as the best parts, and the organizational structure is already laid out for you.

Not that, er, the book is entirely finished yet. The galley sits on my desk, awaiting my return….

P.S.: Not that there’s much danger of misleading anyone, but this is definitely not an April Fools’ day post.


Comments (7)

  1. MartyM

    Hey, Be careful in OK. The state legislature may try to ban you from speaking if they don’t like what they think you may have to say, and investigate whether you were paid for your efforts by public funds.

    Good luck.

  2. SLC

    Mr. Mooney better look out. Oklahoma is the bailiwick of Senator James Imhofe.

  3. Wes

    I plan to attend your talk. (That is, unless you get banned by the state legislature…)

  4. So far, I’m being tolerated here….


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