George Will Pile-On Continues: Eugene Robinson of the Post Says Will Crossed the Line

By Chris Mooney | April 9, 2009 4:12 pm

Media Matters has the video. See here. I’ve also embedded it below:

Meanwhile, Curtis Brainard, CJR’s science guy, has another analysis highlighting the way Post staff are coming out of the woodwork to critique Will.

Plus: I now see that the Post‘s Tom Toles went at Will in a cartoon. See still more on all this from Adam Siegel and Dylan Otto Krider.

Here’s my question: When is somebody gonna put George Will on television and ask him to further defend his insistence on wrongly interpreting these climate data? As per the Marc Morano post below, I for one would welcome the chance to debate this issue with Will on the air. I’m sure many other climate journalists, and climate scientists, would as well.


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  1. Scott Robertson


    Will won’t ever debate this as he knows he is in way over his head. What I really wonder is how he and Michael Crichton became experts. Crichton was regularly a guest on Capital Hill and was Inhofoe’s right-hand man and he was a foot doctor and science fiction writer! And Will has been a regular contributor to global warming misinformation. I am glad to see he is finally getting called on it.

  2. Prediction:

    “I’m being attacked by climate change fanatics for stating my unpopular views! This proves I’m right!”

  3. For what it’s worth, the Post has finally published its own contrary editorial, the lead sentence of which is, “Make no mistake, Arctic Sea ice is melting.”


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