400 Years of the Telescope, Tonight on PBS

By Chris Mooney | April 10, 2009 2:10 pm

I just recently read Galileo’s Starry Messenger, which is just about to have its 400th birthday…so I’m psyched to tune in for this one tonight. See the teaser video below, and tune in at 10pm Pacific/Eastern, 9pm Central tonight (check local listings for specific airdate in your area, or visit www.400years.org).

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  1. Mobius

    I watched this and found it quite interesting. There was about 20 min. of the early history of the telescope and its use in astronomy, then about 20 min. of the telescope during the 20th century. The last 20 min. was on the future of telescopes. This included some of the super telescopes currently under construction, with the 40 meter Europeans scope in Chile being the largest visual telescope.

    Anyone mildly interested in astronomy should watch it.


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