Maureen Dowd On The 'toy for bored celebrities and high-school girls'

By The Intersection | April 22, 2009 3:02 pm

Like PhysioProf, James, Chris and I, NYTimes columnist Maureen Dowd joins the resistance of a technology set to ‘destroy civilization as we know it‘:

I would rather be tied up to stakes in the Kalahari Desert, have honey poured over me and red ants eat out my eyes than open a Twitter account.

Read her entire terrific interview with the inventors of Twitter here

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  1. Jon Winsor

    Occasionally I like MoDo, but this is my all time least favorite column ever:

    If she had actually hired someone to parody her, they couldn’t have done any better.

    If someone wondered about what kind of thing got Bob Somerby going back in the day, all they have to do is look at this one Dowd column.

  2. For Maureen Dowd most things are toys for celebrities for high-school girls. For once I agree with her!


    “Maureen is very talented,” observes Joe Klein of The New Yorker. “But she is ground zero of what the press has come to be about in the nineties…I remember having a discussion with her in which I said, ‘Maureen, why don’t you go out and report about something significant, go out and see poor people, do something real?’ And she said, ‘You mean I should write about welfare reform?'”

    All you need to know about Dowd…

  4. MadScientist

    That image insults my sense of reality though; if I were to shoot a bird with an arrow I’d use a “flu-flu” for fletching rather than the vanes portrayed. I would also use a “thumper” tip rather than a piercing tip but that’s more a matter of preference (that bird would be a big mess if it were hit by broadheads though). Can we have an image of a bird with a few buckshot holes in it instead? I’m curious to know what offends you so much about twitter – I just ignore it.

  5. I just haven’t gotten itno Twitter. I could roam the bloggoshpere all day, and there are days I’d like to make my living writing that way. It actually appeals to my overwhelming need for good process. Twitter would just run me down psychologically. That said, it has a great name from a branding perspective.

  6. Jon

    Things like this, though, make me glad some people are twittering:

    Let Roland Hedley parody himself. The more opportunities for transparency, the better.

  7. I guess she’s right on that when she said it’s a for bored celebrities and high school girls. Many news today include celebrities taking on each other and “tweeting” on the internet. Sometimes, tweeting makes celebrity war. Well, maybe it does takes away “boredom” from those celebrities.


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