Sleeping in Seattle

By Chris Mooney | May 12, 2009 9:28 am

Tomorrow I’m off to Seattle–it seems I visit roughly once per year–for a series of talks and media appearances, centering on this event:

The Northwest Science Writers Association Presents: Dumb, Getting Dumber? The Cost of Scientific Illiteracy

Thursday, May 14, , 7:00 p.m.: Pacific Science Center, Eames Theater

A public forum featuring Chris Mooney, author of the coming book “Unscientific America,” and local experts on science, education, policy and the economy.

Some more details from the Pacific Science Center:

Pacific Science Center and the Northwest Science Writers’ Association will present a panel discussion about the economic, social and political costs of science illiteracy. Author and science policy journalist Chris Mooney will join local experts, including our own Dennis Schatz, UW Dean of the Evans School of Public Affairs Sandra Archibald, WSU researcher Steve Jones and others. Actively addressing issues of science and society through rich dialogue and debate is one of Pacific Science Center’s strategic initiatives and we look forward to what should be a very provocative evening. The event will be held at Pacific Science Center’s Eames Theater.

My publisher may be kinda ticked at me, in that I’m doing all these events while our book isn’t even out–but they wanted me in Seattle, and I wasn’t going to say no. Hopefully this is the first step toward a broader dialogue that our book can engender….

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  1. If the Mariners are in town, I recommend the Red Hook Brewery in Ballard. If not, then Pyramid Brewery is great – but’s across the street from the baseball stadium. There’s also a Greek diner in Ballard with the best breakfast in town.


  2. Brad H

    The RedHook is in Woodenville, it moved years ago.

    I’m glad to hear you come here often Chris, since I won’t likely be able to make this stop (newborn in the house). Any chance you’ll be doing an appearance on KUOW?

  3. Ooo, I’m going to try to make it. I have a regular role-playing game scheduled that night, but just maybe they’ll forgive me for missing since this is a good reason.

  4. i think i may be on KUOW, details to come


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