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By Chris Mooney | June 2, 2009 10:51 am

One of our recent posts–Sheril’s much-read “Singled Out“–is in the running for the Three Quarks Daily 2009 Science Prize for science blogging. We encourage those of you who enjoy this site, and who liked that very courageous post, to head on over and give us your vote. And thanks in advance for considering us.


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  1. Rob C.

    Ow, my brain hurts. I went over and voted, then looked on the list to see which ones were highly rated (thinking that maybe I’d like to check out the competition). At the time I voted, the following had a higher ranking than Sheril’s (wonderful) post:

    for her entry “The physics of high heels.”

    …yes, I know that science and high heels are not incompatible (with a bow in Isis’ direction), but still, the dissonance induced by going to that site after Sheril’s post… ow ow ow.


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