American Institute of Biological Sciences Talk on Unscientific America

By Chris Mooney | June 8, 2009 12:12 pm

I was psyched to be invited to give a speech last month about Unscientific America by one of my favorite scientific societies–AIBS–and so even though the book wasn’t actually out yet, I couldn’t say no.

I think the talk itself went very well–it was a plenary session so the audience numbered well over 100, perhaps as high as 200–and the video recording of it, including my slides, is of very high quality. So if anyone wants to watch the presentation, almost exactly 30 minutes long (I have come to believe that no lecture should ever be any longer), please click here.

I wish I could embed the video but that does not appear to be possible. Still, you can get it either as a video or as a downloadable MP3.

I am not giving any more lectures until the book tour begins next month, with a stop in La Jolla, CA on July 16. We will have more info on the tour very soon….

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  1. When you come through La Jolla, would you be interested in having lunch/drinks/coffee with Scripps Institution of Oceanography students interested in science communication? This would be with some of the CMBC students who missed you the last time around. We can bribe you with delicious baked goods and/or snorkling with adorable leopard sharks, but of course I understand that there may not be time in your tour schedule.

  2. Yes absolutely, though I am already speaking to Jeremy Jackson’s class the next day….so we would have to plan around that, and I’m not sure how many students are going to see me in the class anyways….

  3. I’ll be there too, and ocean communication is a top priority. Sure we can figure something out…

  4. Yes but Sheril will be there in August, I will be there both in July and August….email us offline to work out details?

  5. Dropping you guys an email. Thanks! Much excitement!

  6. Michael S.

    Will the book tour be going through Boston? I know that Sheril is a graduate of Tufts University and I’m sure that we would love to have either of you (or both) come by to talk about the book. In any case, looking forward to reading it!

  7. Hi Michael,
    Yes, but our boston stop is not settled on yet. We’d love to come to Tufts, one or both of us. Email us offline about it?


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