Learning to Tweet, But We Ain't Got Wings

By Chris Mooney | June 23, 2009 9:04 am

So, uh, Unscientific America is now on Twitter–for the duration of the book release and book tour, at least. Consider it an experiment. For those who like to “follow” folks this way, all of our book updates will appear here, and so, likely, will links to our blog posts. And there will probably be some other stuff, like random thoughts texted in while sitting on an airplane.

I am well aware that certain words were exchanged here about Twitter a few months back (and also, as Captain Malcolm Reynolds of Firefly once put it, certain bullets). The justification for this change in policy is that we are total and unmitigated sellouts.

No, actually: We have a web helper who is working with us to spread word about the book, and that makes setting up Twitter actually feasible. And Sheril isn’t responsible for this–I am.

We still don’t know how to use Twitter, of course. But I guess we will soon catch on, or else crash and burn.

Sadly, my anti-Twitter jokes may become a lot less funny as a result of this.

P.S.: For those who missed it, the Twitter name is @UnscientAmerica. And followers are growing….


Comments (5)

  1. Jon

    Yeah, it’s what the kids are into these days…

  2. You said it: sellouts.

  3. MadScientist

    Oh no, what of all those other folks who swore they’d avoid Twitter too?
    Never say ‘never’.

  4. Let’s see: MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter… we can’t even imagine what’s next… be ready to jump!


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