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By Chris Mooney | June 30, 2009 12:51 pm

The first of our real reviews has also come out today, from Seed magazine in its July list of “Books to Read Now.” It’s just a paragraph, so I’ll post the whole thing:

Following up on his The Republican War on Science, science journalist Chris Mooney joins Sheril Kirshenbaum in explaining the disconnect between scientists and the public. This time the onus is on not just on obfuscating and interfering conservatives, but largely on scientists themselves. By talking down to the misinformed—and outright insulting the religious—scientists, they argue, do more harm than good in their quest to enshrine reason in American politics and culture. While the authors’ call for more friendly and magnanimous champions of science is far from a radical conclusion, it duly highlights the Sagan-and Gould-shaped holes we have in our current scientific discourse.

Just one qualifier: While the book does put a fair amount of onus on the scientific community, it also does not let anybody else off the hook.

Again, you can visit the Unscientific America homepage here, the Facebook group here, on Twitter here, and on Amazon here (see here for other sellers).


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  1. hey chris, i was wondering how many copies have sold (pre-sold) so far.

    I am half way through Hot, Flat, And Crowded by Thomas Firedman. i plan to read your book as soon as i get it, plus i just bought the republican war on science (just today). all my family watches is fox news and i get a headache hearing their banter. and its sick how that channel has such a bent mission against science, ie climate change denial with their “experts” and thier pro ID stance bashing science and having Casey Luskin the posterchild of the Discovery institue

    Chris, Sheril, keep up the fight

    Chris – SkeptikSnarf

  2. No way for us to tell numbers at this point, but the books have just begun to ship from Amazon. This is the beginning, though, even before the actual publication date (July 13). I greatly hope you enjoy Republican War, and also Unscientific America!

  3. Loc


    I look forward to the book.


  4. Tuatara

    I just got an e-mail from Amazon saying my copy is coming on July 6th!!! Can’t wait.

  5. Thanks everybody. I hope you get them in hand soon. One Kindle-based reader has already gotten the book and posted a pretty good first review on amazon, so check that out, too. I think Kindle people are ahead of the game–a new phenomenon for me, because with my last book in 2007, Kindle wasn’t really a player. Now it is.

    Anyway the Amazon review is here

  6. Orson

    Still no word yet from Chris on the EPAs “Unscientific America”….

  7. It’s coming, actually.


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