Our Big Day in D.C.: Politics and Prose, and Inspiring Science's "New Voices"

By Chris Mooney | July 28, 2009 11:05 am

I am already in DC, and SK will be arriving in about an hour–for a day in which we will do our first joint talk about the book together. It has been a long time coming.

Tonight we will be at D.C.’s Politics and Prose for an event co-sponsored by the Center for American Progress (and Science Progress) and Research!America. These are the details:

Tuesday, July 28
7:00 PM
Politics and Prose Bookstore
5015 Connecticut Ave, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20008
Web site

Jonathan Moreno of the Center for American Progress, and Mary Woolley of Research!America, will jointly be introducing us. In fact, Research!America has also assigned the book to their “New Voices,” a group of young scientists who are precisely the sort of heroes and role models of science in society that we want to see more of out there. As one of them, Heather Benson, puts it of the book:

The authors make it clear that what the scientific community needs is a shift in how we associate and integrate with the public at large. They show that the fault line between science and society is caused by both sides, and that only through changes in both sides can a bridge across be built.

Amen to that!

We’re also meeting with the New Voices today in Alexandria, to talk more about how we can change the culture of science to make political and public engagement more common and focal–in short, to create more “science ambassadors” and “Renaissance scientists.” Research!America is one of the most important organizations out there working to turn today’s younger scientists into effective advocates for science in policy, and skilled outreach experts from the world of science to the rest of society–and we’re thrilled by their support.


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  1. Thanks for joining us! I enjoyed the discussion, especially your thoughts on the challenges of uniting scientists from different disciplines in the blogosphere and beyond.

  2. Thank you Sheril and Chris for an exciting discussion over lunch today. It was great to get to discuss the book with you in person and we really appreciated you taking the time to advise our New Voices on how to become better science communicators and advocates.

    If you’re local to DC, the talk is definitely worth swinging by Politics and Prose for a listen!

  3. Sorry I just missed you. After spending a week in DC I flew back to Brussels yesterday morning. Best of luck on your book tour.

  4. Don Boesch

    The Politics and Prose event drew a full house, SRO. Chris and Sheril did a great job as a tag team and there was a lot of resonance from the audience on their main points. Thanks for this.

  5. Andrew

    Was this event recorded by C-SPAN for BookTV?

  6. How long is “awaiting moderation” before it becomes “will not appear?”

  7. The proof that I am being censored here can be found on my weblog on the “Why Banishment” thread.



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