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By The Intersection | July 31, 2009 9:28 am

Thanks to the photographer in the audience at Politics & Prose in DC who sent these great photos from Tuesday evening!





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  1. I like Sheril’s book-signing dress. Mooney needs to step it up a bit though in the fashion department. Maybe leather jacket and lit cigarette, slightly dangling.

  2. Barry

    I see Chris is left handed. If PZ is right handed, this could explain things.


    How many have been sold so far?

  4. ShowsOn

    Part of thinkng scientifically is to engage in debate in order to progress ideas. I don’t understand why this blog features only the positive aspects of reviews and completely avoids dealing with fair criticism of the book. Avoiding debate in that way is unscientific. It would be like someone saying the have made a brilliant discovery, but are refusing to subject their research to peer review.

  5. ShowsOn, I think you touch on a genuinely important problem: a flippant attitude toward peer review. So, for instance, think tanks, institutes, and the like (in this case, the Center for American Progress) are presented as if they held some form of scholarly expertise. This, of course, is just one facet of the problem of the trivialization of debate in beltway (and more broadly American) culture.

  6. JoshS

    Chris and Sheril-

    Will you be honest enough to highlight Jason Rosenhouse’s second installment of his review of your book, even if it’s much less flattering than the first? If you haven’t seen it, here it is:

    Since you highlighted his first installment reviewing your book, you’ll certainly want to highlight the follow-up, right?

  7. Peter Beattie

    Oh yes, the Rosenhouse thing. Would love to see your response! :)


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