WBUR's "Here and Now" Covers the Debate Engendered by Unscientific America

By Chris Mooney | September 18, 2009 8:59 am

I was just on NPR’s “Here and Now” with host Robin Young, and unlike many of the interviews we’ve done, this one focuses in closely on the debate over our book with folks like PZ Myers–a great part of the show is about science, religion, and  the New Atheism. I also manage take on Marc Morano to boot! You can listen here.


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  1. Guy

    I agree on with you that we to be cordial when debating the issues. If you’ve listened to some of PZ’s interviews, he comes off as a gentleman. His blog is a whole different matter. There he totally throws out any pretense of being nice and accommodating in favor of being terse and denigrating to those with differing opinions. Granted, some of the creationist are deserving of some of the trashing of their peculiar beliefs, but not to the extent that PZ does.

  2. John Kwok


    PZ doesn’t go after creationists only. He’s been going after those who accept evolution as valid science and also accept some belief in a GOD(s). In the past, he has dubbed noted evolution advocate Ken Miller a “creationist” primarily because Ken shares with Christian creationists, a belief in GOD and recognition of Jesus Christ as both the Son of GOD and, for the short time he was in human mortal form, GOD’s messenger. He’ll leave you alone at Pharyngula provided that you adhere closely to his “party line”. If you don’t then watch out….


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