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By Chris Mooney | September 21, 2009 11:44 am

Here it is….


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  1. Ron Garrett


    In the morning Joe interview you all tiptoed around the Fundamentalist elephant in the room, which has far more to do with YEC that poor quality science education. You certainly know the corporate interests behind the Republican war on science were using the YECs as surrogates in that war and still are. Did you all agree ahead of the interview to pretend religious Fundamentalism is not in an all out war with science? And I couldn’t help but notice Scarborough wasn’t part of the interview.

  2. NewEnglandBob

    Terrible interview:

    A. Too much background noise, people walking around.

    B. Superficial questions. Big issues not addressed.

  3. So did this interview mean that MSNBC opted out of science coverage for the day?

  4. Somite

    I think it is inconsistent of money to rightfully criticize global warming contrarians, stem cell regulation and other contrarians but draw the line at religion. How is religion any less irrational and harmful than creationists?

    I do like the message of improving critical thinking education but I guess you can’t write a whole book about just that!

  5. SkepDoc

    @ Chris – Great job on the interview, although I have to agree with NewEnglandBob that the questioning was pretty superficial. Wish you had more time on to explore the issues. Where’s the next interview??? How about with Charlie Rose?

    @ Ron Garrett – Good points, although I’m glad Joe wasn’t involved.

  6. Gaythia

    I agree with SkepDoc, you did a great job on the interview and come across well on video. And also, I’m hoping for a longer interview, more inquiring questions and greater depth next time. I’m glad you posted the interview here. The time span didn’t work well for the west coast.

  7. Well done interview. This was an abridged version of the longer talks he gives as part of his book promotion. I saw him at the Los Angeles City LIbrary and for over an hour, it was still not enough time to cover all that the book does- or what is wanted/needed!

    Chris and Sheril have at least started the ball rolling on this important issue!

  8. DBG

    America will continue to decline as long as we tolerate the existence of Creationist Museums that tell the public that the Earth is only 6000 years old and that humans walked with dinosaurs. In America we have megachurches, such as john Hagee’s Cornerstone Church in Texas, that deliberately attack any form of progress that threatens the coffers of these fundamentalist/pentecostal churches.

    Sarah Palin gave a speech in which she attacked the science community for doing research of fruit flies even though they have been used as a model for genetics research for decades. Reactionary politicians such as Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann are pentecostal christians who are a threat to America’s preeminence as a scientifically progressive country.

    Stupid Americans make parasites like Benny Hinn rich when they should be thanking a scientist for their lives before they go to sleep at night. Wake up America….

  9. Gilrod

    Something more to get depressed about.
    We’re doomed.
    I weep for my adult kids and grandkids.

  10. FromtheMitten

    Any future public appearances or lectures planned for the New York City area? I would love to hear more than three and half minutes on this topic, especially without idiotic co-anchors constantly interrupting.

  11. Brunsell

    Mika keeps talking about the kids / youth not caring, paying to much attention to other things, etc. It isn’t the “kids” fault. It isn’t the kids fault that adults deny the science behind climate change. It isn’t the kids fault that adults don’t want science as part of the news – if they demanded it, it would be there. It isn’t the kids that say while laughing, “Physics, that’s beyond me. I didn’t take it in high school.” Large portions of U.S. adults don’t give a damn about science (as long as they have electricity so they can watch their celebrity gossip). Kids are just following their parents lead.

    This issue isn’t only an American problem. Many kids in Western Europe don’t care too much about science (or engineering or math) either. On the other hand, kids in developing countries view science as important to their future and a pathway to a better life.

  12. Fred & Lenore

    Very well done interview !

  13. Kevin

    So asking for climate science data via FOI requests is considered harassment? Why isn’t it seen as an attempt to stop scientific illiteracy?


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