New Website Devoted to Swifthack/ClimateGate

By Chris Mooney | December 7, 2009 4:56 pm

See here– A clearinghouse devoted to the mountain-molehill controversy that just won’t go away…

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  1. How, precisely, is borrowing from the leftist propaganda term “Swiftboating” supposed to help your cause? A lot of people interpret “Swiftboating” to mean telling the truth in the face of organized leftist political and media opposition perpetuating fraud, so perhaps the term is more appropriate than you realize.

    Slapping on a label that to many simply translates as “leftist fraud” is a stroke of scientific genius.

    Keep digging!

  2. At some point the climatologists will have to recognize that a certain segment of the population is beyond the reach of science, logic, reason and argumentation. Creationists continue to deny Darwin 150 years after the fact, flood geologists continue to spew explanations for the Grand Canyon involving Noah’s Flood, and racists continue to insist on intrinsic differences between the races although genetically all humans are identical.

    Some causes are lost causes.

    Those who are opposed to science will remain opposed to science regardless of the evidence. They will parrot the same line of discredited arguments no matter how many times those arguments are refuted. They will slander thousands of scientists and proclaim their love for a talk radio or Fox News blowhard.

    These people are beyond hope.

    The forces which have brought humankind to this terrible condition of destroying the Earth for profit & pleasure aren’t subject to a cure. No matter how many times humankind is warned about the dangers ahead there are thousands of economists insisting that growth must continue forever and that the present generation need not sacrifice anything for the sake of future generations.

    By all measures the illness which is afflicting humankind has gone malignant and terminal. While in a perfect world some solution would appear just-in-time (as it always does in science fiction) it is not possible to entertain that delusion. Sometimes a lost cause is a lost cause. Humankind has run out of time. Well, even if humankind hasn’t yet run out of time the species will continue polluting the Earth until humankind has run out of time.

    There’s no stopping humankind.

    The trivial sacrifices proposed in Copenhagen amount to nothing more than giving a placebo to a terminally ill patient. Humankind’s fate is already sealed. The boundary between survival and extinction was passed when the carbon dioxide concentration crossed 350 ppm and the human population exploded past 6 billion.

    We’re going to have 9 billion humans on the planet within 50 years and they are going to find themselves in the middle of the biggest catastrophe humankind has ever faced. Bigger even than the Mount Toba eruption. Technological civilization won’t survive. Humankind will suffer a population crash. The long decline leading to inevitable extinction will begin.

    There’s no happy ending to the human story. Humankind is a tragedy with an immensely tragic ending.

    The only consolation in all this is found in Nature’s demonstrated ability to survive extinction events. The Earth will recover, new species will evolve and the Earth will flourish with immense diversity again. There won’t be any lingering memories of humankind’s existence nor any intelligent species building museums in humankind’s honor.

    Nature’s most merciful trait is its ability to forget its mistakes.

  3. Mitch Cumstein

    How cute. Some willingly indoctrinated professional students, living off of government grant money came up with a clever name for a website.

    From Websters:

    Hacking- taxpayers copying public files, subject to FOIA laws, from a public directory on a computer they paid for. Especially offensive when the copied files are from scientists that betrayed public trust, broke laws, and censored dissent in order to bilk the public out of billions.

    Oh wait, my bad. Did I say Websters? That is actually from the Orwellian Doublespeak dictionary, now available from MIT Press.

    Not hard to see how a generation of wards-of-the-government are willing to adopt such nonsense wholesale. It gets them jobs and websites that they could never attain on the merits of their own intellect. But put up a website that regurgitates government slogans and censors dissent, and you’re suddenly an author, working for a congressman. Good gig if you have no talent or integrity to get by on…

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Have you ever heard of the Streisand Effect?

    Just keep denying it’s big stuff. You seem to be doing a good job of making points for your opponents.

    And what Matteo says is 100% accurate. It’s a name that speaks only to the choir. Anyone else will be confused by it, because sadly, they believe the swift boat turkeys.

    Chris, you may be a good science writer, but I don’t think you know much about scientific integrity or the ethical duties of the scientist to the public. Nb: Cargo Cult Science.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Sorry for two posts in a row. I guess this is a small nit, since I presume swifthack will improve it’s website over the next few days, and getting anything up is actually a pretty good achievement even knowing how simple it seems in these days.

    Nevertheless, I have to give the current swifthack kudos for having the most timecube like website design of any modern website since 2000.

  6. Mitch Cumstein

    Agreed. Looks like Drudge with Down Syndrome.

    Pretty compelling links they have there though. As of this writing every link has failed to load. Way to get the word out…

  7. Hubble Fan

    That is the most embarrassing website I have seen in years. It may have some good data (links didn’t work for me either) but it looks like a 4 year old designed it.

    Chris – What the frick are you thinking here? Swifthack is an utterly idiotic name. The ship has left the dock buddy. Like it or not it’s Climategate. It….just….is (read and watch the news). And who came up with the name “Swifthack” anyway? Gad that is teh stoopid.

    Copenhagen is going on now. And you are linking to this stupidity? No wonder the skeptics are winning the media war at this point.

    The climate science is real. I think most agree. What you are doing is ineffective.

  8. It’s somewhat remarkable to see this random, largely unformatted page on the internet – one of billions of pages like that – being labeled a “clearinghouse”.

    The page doesn’t even contain the basic facts about the ClimateGate. It only contains links to random far-left radical propaganda and obfuscation – the kind of stuff that the militant Left would surely like everyone to parrot if they controlled the human society by the state police, but also the kind of stuff that is absolutely useless and worthless for a reader who actually wants to learn the truth about these matters and who is able to use his or her own brain.

    The alarmists such as Mooney must be really desperate to promote this kind of extraordinarily low-quality garbage in individual postings on their blogs.

  9. John M

    You are both demonstrating that you are very, very naive.

    Climategate is much larger than a mere mountain and has affected climate change politics for the next 20 years. Easily. Perhaps 50 years. Advocates of change are just in the initial stage of denial about its impact. For right or wrong, the science is now REGARDED BY THE MAINSTREAM as primitive, biased, and untrustworthy.

  10. Patrick

    Lubos: “It only contains links to random far-left radical propaganda and obfuscation ”

    This baby-site response to the ClimateGate CRU emails and data is not intended to convince. It’s intended to keep their own advocates as uninformed as possible as you say to “parrot” their line.

    I’m not surprised by it. it is shocking to see Chris Mooney reduce himself to an obvious partisan hack in repeating the silly “swifthack” term, which is meaningless and without substance. A) there was no ‘hacking’, this was a leak. and B) this has zero relation or connection with Vietnam veterans who sought to have a different take on John Kerry’s Vietnam war record.

    As for clearinghouse … the #1 Drudge-like site on the topic is this one … with lots of timely links:

    … will Chris ever admit that? Wont hold my breath!

    “mountain-molehill controversy that just won’t go away…” … gee, it wont go away, and so you post on it, pointing to a really dumb website. If I was the biggest AGW-promoter in the world (I’m not) I’d be shaking my head in despar at the stupidity of it.

    Meanwhile Hans von Stork got a new blog … does he link to that??? No!

  11. Patrick

    “At some point the climatologists will have to recognize that a certain segment of the population is beyond the reach of science, logic, reason and argumentation.”

    Yeah, but the good news is … thousands of such unscientific loons are now in Copenhagen, willing participants in the unscientific brainwashing via Hollywood style scare tactics. They dont need science, logic or reason to find out how bad CO2 is – they just ‘know it’.

    So, fear not! More PR, propaganda, and alarmist lies will fill in where science fears to tread!

  12. I guess if someone gets enough Twitter followers. They can then turn around and market anything to them.

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