Announcing my Next Point of Inquiry Guest: Dot Earth Blogger Andrew Revkin (Ask Your Questions)

By Chris Mooney | March 5, 2010 12:24 pm

andrew_revkinOver at the Point of Inquiry forums, I’ve just opened a thread to announce my next guest: Andrew Revkin, the prominent author of the New York TimesDot Earth blog, science and environment reporter for the Times from 1995 until last year, and now a Senior Fellow for Environmental Understanding at Pace University’s Academy for Applied Environmental Studies.

Revkin has covered a multitude of science-related topics during his career, ranging from climate change and energy to politics and science in the Bush administration. But he has also traveled the globe covering numerous natural disasters, including earthquakes, hurricanes, and beyond. At a time when we’ve seen two devastating earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, one thing I want to discuss with Revkin is why human societies, and even wealthy countries, seem to have such a hard time preparing for and protecting against these types of extreme risks. We’ll also inquire about which kinds of natural disasters most threaten the U.S., and why we’re not doing much of anything to increase our resiliency to them.

You might think of the intended show as a kind of real life version of the movie 2012.

But the conversation will be much more wide ranging, and I’d be very interested to hear what else you folks think I ought to be asking of Andy Revkin….so please, head over to the forums and pose any questions in the next two days, so that I can read them before the interview is recorded on Sunday. And thanks!


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  1. AndyB

    Chris, I’d ask Revkin how about being vilified by the pro-AGW and anti-AGW camps on what seems to be an alternating basis. I’d like to know how that feels emotionally and intellectually.

  2. The Playboy Scientist

    How much longer do you think it will be before the next ice age will start and how long do you think it will last?

    How do you think the world will look like about 100 years from now?

    How many people could be killed in the next major environmental disaster?


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