Announcing Unscientific America in Paperback–Coming in June

By Chris Mooney | April 20, 2010 12:34 pm

US CoverThe book that caused all the ruckus–relentlessly bashed by New Atheists, praised by the president’s science adviser and the National Science Teachers Association–is set for its second run, this time with a new introduction that responds to critics and extends the argument.

In paperback, Unscientific America officially comes out June 8, and can be preordered online now.

So if you missed the hardback, here’s your second chance.

We’ll have more soon about the book, but we wanted to let you know now…to get ready.


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  1. John Kwok


    Any chance you and Sheril will explain why Carl Sagan, not Stephen Jay Gould (whom I believe was far more deserving of the following honor), was the most important American science popularizer in the past quarter century? Would like to think so, but I’m certain it won’t happen. Hopefully you’ll both prove me wrong.


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