Unruly Democracy: The Event Roster and Speakers List

By Chris Mooney | April 21, 2010 11:49 am

2010_unrulydemocracySo I’ve given you the website of the Kennedy School science blogging event–cosponsored by the Knight Science Journalism Fellowships program–but not yet the speakers list. Here goes:


9:30                 Introduction/Framing

Sheila Jasanoff, STS Program, Harvard Kennedy School

10:00-11:00     Panel 1: Blogging as Business

Henry Donahue (CEO, Discover), Gideon Gil (Science Editor, Boston Globe), Representative of Seed Magazine [not confirmed]

11:15-12:15     Panel 2: Science on the Web

Francesca Grifo (Union of Concerned Scientists), Chris Mooney (MIT and Discover), Jessica Palmer (Bioephemera)

1:15-2:30         Panel 3: Rules and Responsibility

Amanda Gefter (New Scientist), Kimberly Isbell (Citizens Media Law Project), “Dr. Isis” (ScienceBlogs.com), Thomas Levenson (MIT)

2:30-3:30         Panel 4: Norms and Law

Sam Bayard (Citizen Media Law Project), Phil Hilts (Knight Program, MIT), Cristine Russell (Harvard Kennedy School)

3:30-4:00         Open Discussion and Wrap-Up

Incidentally, I also want to credit the poster artist whose work is helping so much to publicize this event: Alex Wellerstein. Amazing work.


Comments (4)

  1. Jon
  2. Thanks for the shout-out! The background image is “Christ in Limbo,” by a 16th century Flemish follower of Bosch, on display at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. I had been looking for something Bosch-ian and thought “Christ in Limbo” was even a bit more Bosch than Bosch, and the gaping maw imagery really seemed to do well for a blogging topic.

    “Christ in Limbo”: http://monsterbrains.blogspot.com/2007/06/follower-of-bosch-flemish-second-half.html

  3. I wish it were a month later…when i’ll already BE in boston

  4. Big pass. Hard to get motivated for an event not announced until 10 days before it’s scheduled to happen. Hard to get motivated for an event where most of the panels have at best a tenuous connection with what appears to be the theme of the event: having something resembling a more civil discourse on science issues when blogging. Hard to get motivated for an event that won’t even touch on models of comment and online discussion that manage to get attention and interest without slinging mud. See as an example:



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