I'm on National TV Across Australia Right Now…

By Chris Mooney | May 5, 2010 1:25 pm

…apparently. A viewer sends this picture. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is airing a talk I gave in March at the National Press Club in Canberra, as the keynote address for the Science Meets Parliament annual event hosted by the Federation of Australian Scientific and Technological Societies.

Australian TV

The talk, composed in a burst of inspiration on the flight across the Pacific, is one I’ve never given before or since–but I’m kinda proud of it. I am going to see if it will be available in any watchable format stateside, and then I may say some more about the subject matter.


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  1. Matthew Mullumby

    Hi Chris, I’ve just been watching your speech on Why Truth Loses on the ABC and the need for a simple and clear response to climate change critics. I have always been a fan of the truism and would like to suggest a phrase that I believe sums up the importance of continuing climate research;
    “Climate change is like Gravity, it doesn’t care if you believe in it when it kills you”.
    I think this sums up the risk represented by ignoring the science nicely, and is succinct enough to form a good sound byte.
    Also it occurs to me that if the illegal movement of people across borders is as large an issue in the U.S.A. as it is here in Australia, then climate change is critical to future risks associated with this phenomenon. This is an approach I think could be used to neutralize some right wing criticism- if they are against illegal migrants and there is the tiniest chance climate change is right, they would have to address it to prevent the future movement of millions of displaced persons.
    Hope this is a useful contribution to the debate.

  2. Elio

    Hello Chris, I too, liked your address on the ABC. Basically I think humanity is hell bent on self destruction. Science cannot win because there are more dull people in the world than rational people and with democracy they will out vote the rest. When you have masters of rhetoric and demagogy arguing with scientists who do you think would win in theatrics? Scientists have themselves to blame because they give opinions inside of allowing the denyers to argue with the numbers. The worst mistake you and scientists make is to declare yourself an atheist !! Dawkins also makes this gross mistake without realizing that this is not a rational decision which allows the denyers an easy attack. For example science will never be able to explain all of the real world eg. consciousness, right and wrong, demon possession have so far escaped all scientific scrutiny. This means scientists have to be very careful when they explain or interpret the physical world. They need to rationalise all their decisions and need more training in rhetoric and debate – something that doesn’t happen. Take the example of dinosaurs in museums and people still believing that God made the world 6000 years ago or the attack on evolution. I can only sum things up this way: Whether you like it or not the Truth respects no one nor their feelings.


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