The Gusher: Underwater Video of Oil Spill

By Chris Mooney | May 12, 2010 6:24 pm

See for yourself. It’s hard to get a sense of scale, but it is still extremely dramatic–and ominous:

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  1. Chris – “This is looking a little ominous”… possibly could you flesh that out?

    I’d be very interested if you’d follow up on the question I raised on your hurricane-related post back on 17 September 2007… about oil slicks decreasing evaporative cooling from the surface of the Gulf of Mexico (a “disappeared” piece of research by a trio of Russian scientists done after Katrina, but before the lease-extension hearings).

    The slick they spoke of was microns thick, but already contributing to a change in the way the Gulf warmed, and held its warmth, prior to hurricane season. That in turn seemed (in their analysis) to contibute to the “rapid build” of hurricanes once they crossed into a more stagnant area of the northern gulf where the oil was not moved away. If that was the case then – what are we to expect in the next hurricane season? The Gulf of Mexico will be a “different animal” when hurricanes arrive there next autumn, will it not?

    I’m curious about your response.
    Best regards.


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