Virginia Scientists Fight Back Against Harrassment and Abuse

By Chris Mooney | May 18, 2010 10:42 am

See here and here. The Union of Concerned Scientists has organized a statement from 800 researchers in Virginia defending Michael Mann and denouncing Ken Cuccinelli’s tactics and investigation. Key quote: “In the interests of the people of Virginia, we urge you to halt this burdensome and entirely unwarranted investigation.” Now if only the University of Virgina would lend its heft to the cause…


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  1. SLC

    Unfortunately, this will not have the slightest effect on a nutcase political hack like kookoo Ken Cuccinelli. It might possibly (barely) have some effect on Governor McDonnell who has aspirations for higher office. The governor has already somewhat distanced himself from kookoo Ken on the issue of whether gays and lesbians are protected from discrimination in the state government.

    Unfortunately, the part of the State of Virginia south of the Occoquan is not noted for its’ enlightenment (other then branches of the state university system in Charlottesville and Blacksburg.

  2. ChrisD

    @SLC #1:

    The governor has already somewhat distanced himself from kookoo Ken….

    And now more so. Gov. McDonnell and a state Senator are both giving away donations they got from a charitable organization that’s being looked at by officials in three states. The St. Pete Times couldn’t find 84 of the charity’s 85 directors, and the head of the charity–the only one they could find–has moved and left no forwarding address. The Times says that most of the millions raised by the charity was kept by professional fundraisers.

    Cuccinelli got donations of $55,000 from the same source. He’s going to give those away too, right? Wrong.

  3. Lisa

    But the scientists should just accommodate Cuccinelli, right?


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