Point of Inquiry Hosts to Convene With Listeners and Students in Amherst, New York

By Chris Mooney | May 29, 2010 9:01 am

POI LogoI’ve just confirmed that I’ll be joining my fellow POI hosts, Karen Stollznow and Robert Price, at the Center for Inquiry in Amherst, New York in late June. The occasion is the Center for Inquiry’s summer annual leadership conference, which brings in freethinking student leaders from across the country for workshops, lectures, and to finally get to know each other.

This is a blast from the past for me, in many ways, as I worked at the Center for Inquiry to organize student freethinkers back in 1999. (Matt Nisbet worked there too, at the time.) So going back to Amherst ten years later–as a speaker this time–is really something that stirs a bit.

Plus, it will be great to finally meet Stollznow and Price. I’ve been admiring their shows from a distance, and I hope now that we’ve all gotten our feet wet, we can try to collaborate and cross-pollinate a bit more.

More details can be found here….if you’re a student freethinker, or are just generally interested, I hope you’ll attend.

And now the very difficult question becomes…what shall I speak about?

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  1. “How to be an atheist and get along with everybody, and I mean everybody.”

    I wanted to suggest two guests for PoI–Matt Ridley. I’d like to hear him talk about his new book, and would especially like to know how (on earth) such a smart guy winds up being a climate change denier. Also, Ian McEwen. I’d love to hear him discuss his new climate change novel (funny, interesting, with lots of representations of scientists).

  2. Jon

    I’m just about through with this really timely book: *The Future of Liberalism*:


    Great book. I would talk about what this book devotes a couple chapters to: being an atheist is fine, but don’t be an illiberal one…

  3. Eric the Leaf

    Off topic. Sorry. For the best technical and other discussion regarding the oil blowout tune into The Oil Drum. As one poster noted, this is what the internet is supposed to be like. So if you’re looking for a model, try reading the the last 5 years of The Oil Drum.

  4. ThomasL

    Been busy traveling, so haven’t had time to post anything in a while…

    Eric, it is a great site, been one I visit regularly for years…

    Chris, saw a report today about how the majority of people don’t trust the climate scientists anymore (and not just here in the U.S.) (http://www.newsweek.com/2010/05/28/uncertain-science.html). You could discuss how improper communication and over the top projections are self defeating over time, and what steps may turn the growing negativity around…


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