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By Chris Mooney | July 8, 2010 7:26 am

The Intersection has gone to full comments moderation until further notice, due to all that has happened with sock puppets, multiple identities, etc. While this is probably a temporary step, we’ll likely be changing the comments policy and making it more stringent in general.


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  1. grung0r

    Stolen from jenbphillips

    1. use weasel words to acknowledge a problem/disagreement/bad review
    2. make earnest promise to address topic more thoroughly in the future
    3. make subsequent brief acknowledgment of your earlier promise, claiming that you are swamped and/or traveling.
    4. Stall for time with links to comments and/or articles that agree with you
    5. If pressed, post something that addresses strawmanned arguments that further your agenda. Pay no attention to pleas for clarity or accuracy.
    6. Continue updating blog with unrelated content as if nothing had happened, ignoring any and all requests for further clarification or explanation.
    7. Profit!

    Look, Chris, you’ve cleared step 3! On to stalling for time then.

  2. Let’s fix this by making things more closed!

  3. ChrisD

    It is certainly a shame that this tempest has completely obscured the report from Muir Russell’s UEA investigation insofar as the Intersection is concerned.

  4. Too bad you felt you had to take this step. I would urge you to reconsider, though. These maelstroms usually die down on their own. A couple more posts and it’ll be back to normal.

  5. Hey Chris, something to cheer you up if you haven’t seen it already; the inquiry panel completely exonerating the “propagators” of “Climategate”

  6. steve

    Oh for Pete’s sake! Either explain or apologize (or both) and move on.

  7. Angel Kaida

    Elena Strange,

    I suspect they might be trying to prevent this kind of lamentable (albeit hilarious) incident from happening again, not to stop people from making fun of them for letting it happen in the first place. But hey, I have a tendency to try to think the best of people. I could well be mistaken.


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