Hello from Damariscotta

By Chris Mooney | August 24, 2010 8:20 am

DamariscottaI want to apologize for not blogging much lately. I went on vacation with my father to Maine, and while the remoteness is a wonderful thing (to an extent), we actually lack all Internet and cell phone access! So this morning I went into the nearest town, Damariscotta (pictured at right), to actually tune back in to the rest of the world.

There is at least one coffee shop here with Internet access. I have verified it.

Anyways, I’ll be back to blogging regularly by Thursday, I hope. And on Friday, we’ll have a new installment of Point of Inquiry, featuring Richard Wrangham of Harvard discussing a very different kind of missing link in the story of human evolution–the long overlooked matter of cooking….

Ok, now back to planning how to get my next lobster.


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  1. The fort at Pemaquid is a very interesting historical site there. I managed to get there during the excavation a few years back. Well, more than a few.

  2. My family and I were just in Boothbay. Enjoy!

  3. All of my research was in Damariscotta you know! Lots of sea cucumbers.

    Take dad to The Breakfast Place on the main street and order blueberry pancakes (or anything). Wish I was there.

  4. sally mooney

    I never heard of the place, and I went to Colby!

  5. Anthony McCarthy

    Watch the Mardens commercials and see where the lunatic teabagger, evolution and climate change denier who might be our next governor got his start. Still, hope you have a good vacation.

  6. Gaythia

    Take a break! Enjoy nature! Stay unplugged for a while. The internet, and the rest of the world will still be here when you get back.

  7. Mal Gormley

    Thanks for stopping by, Chris! We have multiple wi-fi spots in town, including the library (up the street from that coffee shop) & McD’s (about a mile outside of downtown, thankfully).

    The Breakfast Place is closed (also thankfully–their coffee was awful), but there are excellent two coffee shops on Main Street, and the world’s best sticky buns–I kid you not–are available at The Cupboard Cafe, about 12 miles south on Rt 130 in Bristol–on your way to the prettiest lighthouse in Maine (the one on the quarter in your pocket).

    And just THIS MORNING we had the steeple returned to our landmark Baptist church (the one in your photo) after a 3-year hiatus for repairs.

    Damariscotta has a lot going for it. Visit anytime!

  8. Chris Mooney

    I love the place. we looked for the breakfast place and couldn’t find it (i guess no loss). i hung out at north cottage coffee–worked for me! thanks everyone. i recommend damariscotta highly….

  9. Jon

    Anthony McCarthy– You’re from Maine? Small world. I grew up there.

    Damariscotta was one of those towns that I always heard people mention, but I never visited. It’s strange, I always thought of Damariscotta as inland, I think because it’s somewhat near Augusta/Gardiner. But it’s on the coast, which only makes sense if you look at a map and see how long the bay is.

  10. Jon

    By the way, what is it about Maine? Matt Yglasias does summer vacations there (he’s in Brooklin, ME now). One of the founders of Moveon is from there. At least one prominent Daily Kos guy is from Portland. Jay Ackroyd of Virtually Speaking is from there… We seem to be kinda over-represented in the blogosphere.

  11. Anthony McCarthy

    Jon, I’m a native of the South Western interior. I have been told I sound like Joe Perham.


    NOT that I’d make several of those jokes.


    This one, though.

  12. Jon

    I grew up with relatives of Joe Perham, in the area north of Sebago lake. Sounds like we’re from the same general area.


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