Hurricane Earl and the U.S. East Coast

By Chris Mooney | August 29, 2010 8:43 pm

Earl August 29Our first really threatening storm of the peak of hurricane season, the Category 1 Earl (infrared at right), is intensifying near the Leeward Islands.

The current forecast expects this trend to continue and maybe go as high as Category 4 intensity.

The key issue here is precisely what path Earl follows. Beyond the Caribbean, there is a potential threat to the Carolinas and also New England, as you can see in the current 5 day forecast cone (below).

At this point, there’s no predicting this. Earl could be harmless to the U.S., or, it could be completely hair-raising, with vulnerabilities spread along the East Coast. Stand by…

Earl Track


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  1. Anyone interested in how science actually works on a 6 hourly basis should read the NHC’s discussion bulletins on the storms. An example is here:
    These are the 1-5 paragraph summaries, written by the NHC meteorologists, which describe how they take the model, satellite, aircraft, and ground-based data and use it to make a prediction of where the storms are going and how big they will be. They are jargon-rich, but fascinating.

  2. Sean McCorkle

    Lab Lemming: excellent!

    The National Weather Service and National Hurricane Center: Your tax dollars at work!

  3. The awesome thing is that they’ve been on the internet for 15 years- I remember reading them in college in the summer of ’95.


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