Hurricane Igor Explodes in Intensity to Cat 4

By Chris Mooney | September 12, 2010 5:22 pm

Yesss, master…I’ve been amazed at what has happened with Igor today…yesterday, master, this storm wasn’t even a hurricane, but now it is a Category 4:

Igor Cat 4

It’s certainly possible Igor may reach Category 5, master…according to the Hurricane Center, it is still intensifying, yesss. And it has plenty of uninhibited time over open water.

Welcome to the peak of hurricane season, master.


Comments (3)

  1. These things are so crazy, it’s no wonder we can’t predict them.

  2. CNR

    Just a thought, but wouldn’t it be useful to mention that most of the models have this storm staying well east of the US Atlantic Coast. Else, I think people get a little spun up. Its a nice storm and all, but seems it will be little more.

  3. manda

    igor left a nasty nasty miserably heartbreaking mess here in newfoundland with 1 known casualty so far (elderly man swept into the sea.)


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