Best American Science Writing 2010 Is Out!

By Chris Mooney | September 16, 2010 12:59 pm

Best American Science Writing 2010As noted previously, we have an article in this latest edition of the annual collection, edited by Jerome Groopman and Jesse Cohen. It’s a piece entitled “Unpopular Science,” which previously appeared in The Nation, and it’s about the economically and technologically driven decline of science journalism.

In his introduction to the new collection, Groopman has this to say of the piece:

…accessible yet accurate science writing–which marks all of the writing of this collection–could be an endangered species, according to Chris Mooney and Sheril Kirshenbaum. In their Nation piece “Unpopular Science,” they rightly bemoan the rapid loss of expert science writers from the journalistic world. The public desperately needs experienced interpreters to present in a lucid and true way all of the mystery and marvels of scientific advancement; laymen should hear as well the voices of skeptics who question whether the mystery has actually been solved and whether the marvel is truly so marvelous. I share the deep pessimism of these writers about the prospects for quality science reporting, but hold out the belief that there will hopefully still be a place in the orchestra for those who play their instruments with precision and are true to the score.

You can order the latest edition of Best American Science Writing here.


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