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Science, Art, and Primates

By Sheril Kirshenbaum | September 26, 2010 3:45 pm

This is, perhaps, the most unusual submission so far to The Science of Kissing Gallery. The photograph is by Alison Ruttan, an artist in Chicago:

“Gigi Kissing Mustard“, 2010
(modeled after chimpanzee kisses, specifically some of Jane Goodall’s apes)

Picture 3

Submit your original photo or artwork for consideration.

About Alison’s work:

From the beginning of my primate projects I have been collecting individual and group histories from scientist and zoo keepers that I have met or read about in my research. These narratives can be epic in scale and uncannily human in the way individuals interact with each other in their quest for power and position. The project, The Four Year War at Gombe is based on Jane Goodall’s discovery that Chimpanzees wage war and are capable of long range planning and strategic thinking. Goodall’s group of chimpanzees lived peaceably together for many years before splitting into two communities, it seems that like us the bloodiest feuds and civil wars are always waged against those whom we have the closest ties to. If this title, The Never Ending Story wasn’t already taken, it would have seemed apt. Read More

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Early Praise for The Science of Kissing: What Our Lips Are Telling Us

By Sheril Kirshenbaum | September 26, 2010 10:03 am

With four months until The Science of Kissing debuts, some early praise for the book:

“They say you never forget your first kiss—it sears itself into your memory. The Science of Kissing will no doubt do something similar. From the neurology of smooching to practical tips on locking lips, Sheril Kirshenbaum makes reading about this strange and fascinating practice almost as much fun as doing it.”

~ Sam Kean, New York Times-bestselling author of The Disappearing Spoon

Picture 5

“If you fear that knowing the science of kissing will unweave the poetry of it, fear not. This engaging book, chock-a-block with eye-popping science and fun stories not only makes for great reading but plumps up the pleasure of a smooch itself. You’ll never think of kissing—what e.e. cummings called “a better fate than wisdom”—in the same way again.”

~ Jennifer Ackerman, author of
Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream: A Day in the Life of Your Body

“Sheril Kirshenbaum gives you everything you wanted to know about this wonderful way we use our mouths. If you’ve ever wondered why we kiss under the mistletoe, or why two out of three people tilt their heads to the right when they zoom in for a kiss, Kirshenbaum will tell you, in a way that is witty, wise, and pucker-perfect.”

~ Robin Marantz Henig, contributing writer, The New York Times Magazine

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