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By The Intersection | October 14, 2010 10:50 am

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It’s that time of year again… Donors Choose 2010 kicked off this week and we’re asking our loyal readers to join us in supporting classrooms across the U.S. (also now linked in our sidebar). This fantastic initiative provides a way to make direct contributions to school projects–described in detail on our page–so you get to decide how your money will be used. Gifts are tax deductible and students send personal thank you notes.

In addition, all donations will be matched (up to $50,000) by Hewlett Packard! In other words, projects get double the funding for every dollar you contribute. Support our kids, our teachers, and our future. Please donate at The Intersection’s 2010 Challenge!

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Comments (3)

  1. I do not see at that site any confirmation of the HP matching.

  2. Marty Weirick

    Thank you, Chris and Sheril, for your support of science education at Donors Choose dot com.

    Marty and Marsha Weirick

  3. Ken

    I wish I had more money…I’ll have to review the projects a bit and choose the one or two that I’m going to try to help out. Being a “military brat” and having to move around every 2-3 years, school was very hectic for me. When in Alabama and North Carolina (and for that matter, North Dakota), the science labs were always very sparse and sub-par compared to others that I had seen when traveling.

    When you can’t really spark an interest in a student because they are too concerned with getting their time with the microscope to fill out their classwork assignment rather than learning, it’s a failing on the school and their funding.

    But at least in this way, those of us who had to experience a very lackluster learning environment for the sciences can help make a difference, even if it’s $5. And it tells us EXACTLY what is being purchased, which is great!

    GG, Phil!


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