Seal: "A Day in My Life Well Spent"

By Chris Mooney | October 29, 2010 3:11 pm

We’re beginning to ramp up the Geoffrey Beene Gives Back® Rock Stars of Science™ campaign, as the new launch approaches in the December “Men of the Year” issue of GQ. With the new images still not public, though, it’s first worth going back over last year’s campaign and reminiscing, as well as reminding folks of what came before.

To that end, I really liked this video of Seal explaining why he got involved–saying very frankly that if his celebrity can help scientists gain more recognition and research funding, it will be “a day in my life well spent”:

What do folks think–does Seal’s message work for you, and work for science?

(For more on Rock S.O.S.™, see the website, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.)

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Comments (3)

  1. featheredfrog

    It has MY seal of approval!

  2. Brian Too

    10 out of 10! Intelligent, articulate, nice perspective and looks good in the shirt to boot.

    A celebrity who does not disappoint. Who knew there were any left (though I think we all know that the train wrecks are the ones who get all the publicity)?


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