Talk Science to Me: The Next Rock SOS Link Dump

By Chris Mooney | November 19, 2010 8:11 am

I missed a lot of links yesterday. I admitted that was just the beginning. So here come a lot more:

RSOS Final JPEG Page 2* Tara Smith at Aetiology does a very thoughtful post about the campaign, touching on the inclusion of diversity (a plus) and critiquing the inclusion of Dr. Mehmet Oz. “I know, this is quite a lot of complaining (isn’t that what bloggers *do*?),” she writes, “but I’m sincere in hoping that this campaign does raise awareness.” Yes, that’s what bloggers do–and we love you for it. Thanks so much for a thoughtful post.

* Princess Ojiaku of Science With Moxie also chimes in and celebrates the campaign’s diversity, commenting, “The list of scientists includes four women and two African Americans, which is a good showing that science isn’t just for old white guys. In addition, five of the scientists listed also happen to play music!”

* The Women’s Media Center celebrates the inclusion of Rear Admiral Dr. Susan Blumenthal, former Assistant U.S. Surgeon General, in the campaign.

* Stanford University’s “The Dish” applauds the inclusion of one of their docs, Frank Longo, pictured here with Brett Michaels.

* Oregon Expat memorably comments: “There is a lot of genius in this world, regularly displayed by people who operate in general obscurity while learning, inventing, creating, and advancing both our understanding and knowledge. These stars rarely get any credit outside their own field, and unless their research is of interest to governments or corporations, they rarely get much in the way of funding, either. I will happily support any campaign which attempts to shine a little light on these “rock docs,” as RSOS calls them.”

* Slanted Science does a pretty funny take on the whole thing, showing other “cases” of scientists posing with rock stars.

* Talking Science, the blog of the Science Friday Initiative, also flags the campaign and focuses on the photo here and Stanford neurologist Dr. Frank Longo.

Post any links I’ve missed below….


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