For Those About to Rock…You'll Need These

By Chris Mooney | December 6, 2010 9:40 am

People have been been blogging up and down, left and right about the Rock Stars of Science campaign. Click on all of those links to begin to see the extent of it. They barely scratch the surface, but clearly, everybody has an opinion.

That’s a very good thing.

speakersSomehow, amid all this, I’ve forgotten to draw attention to the contest that goes along with the campaign.

Here’s the story: Go to the Rock Stars website and scroll down. You will see, on the right, a pair of speakers like these. They’re MUJI speakers–light weight, collapsible, portable. You can fold them up and place them in a pouch.

GQ is randomly selecting 1,000 people to receive free speakers–if they enter their names on the website by Dec 20. (Further details and official contest rules here).

So I suggest you click over and enter your name if you want these dudes. It is not like it takes a lot of effort. And while I don’t know how many people have entered their names yet, a giveaway of 1,000 suggests your odds may not be that bad.

At any rate…I did it. There are some neighbors who really deserve to be blasted in the wee hours…and I’m sure you have your reasons too. So again, go to the Rock Stars website and click the speakers.

P.S.: Sorry Martin Robbins…you’re not eligible. Gotta be in the 50 states! Too bad…that puppy of yours could have used a soundtrack.

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