Off to Kansas for the Next "Messenger" Workshop, and a New Blog Competition

By Chris Mooney | January 26, 2011 3:14 pm

You may recall this post and this post, produced by attendees of my breakout sessions at the last NSF Science: Becoming the Messenger workshop at George Washington in November.

The posts were produced in real time as part of a competition to see who among the attendees could compose the more highly trafficked, linked, and commented-on blog post–and this one, by Alice Popejoy, won.

Well, we’re now doing the first road trip for Science: Becoming the Messenger, hitting Lawrence, Kansas for a two day training session. And the blog competition is going to be upgraded–there will be a lot more posts going up, albeit with smaller teams trying to publicize them. This will occur tomorrow afternoon, between roughly 1-5 pm. Stand by…and may the best blogger win!


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