Two Unscientific America Talks in the Coming Week

By Chris Mooney | February 8, 2011 7:33 am

I’m stopping by SUNY-Purchase, today, and at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado, next Monday. Details here and here. In each case it will be to give the Unscientific America talk; here’s the synopsis:

It’s a staggering paradox. The United States has the finest universities in the world, and invests more money in scientific research than any other nation. Yet we’re allowing ourselves to fall behind in science education—and behind other countries, like China, in green energy innovation. Meanwhile, most Americans know very little about science, and often don’t even understand what they’re missing—or why science matters to their lives. No wonder we have unending battles over the science of global warming, the teaching of evolution, and whether or not to vaccinate our children. How could the U.S. become so…unscientific? And what can we do about it? How can we make science popular again, or even…sexy?

In this talk, Chris Mooney explains the reasons for the gap between science and the US public, and what we can do to bring these two worlds—both of which need the other—back together again.

Again, details here and here if this is your area….


Comments (4)

  1. Mike H

    behind China in green energy innovation

    If by Chinese “green energy inovation” you are refering to the 21 nuclear reactors they have under construction as of right now and the 100+ reactors they plan on working on in the next decade then you are right … we are behind … way behind.

    Or were you refering to something else like the factories in China churning out PVC panels for export?

  2. Chris Mooney

    Hi Mike I’m referring to the evidence in the following study of the growing global clean energy industry

  3. jld

    Yes, behind China and in no unimportant domains…


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