The Science of Kissing is Everywhere

By Chris Mooney | February 12, 2011 12:38 pm

Sheril is traveling, so let me list some of the many places that have been discussing her book in the last 24 hours or so:

1. NPR’s Science Friday. Sheril was on for just under 20 minutes yesterday–the segment was extended because so many callers were interested. You can listen here.

2. NBC’s The Today Show. There was a charming two minute plus segment on the science of kissing yesterday. You can watch here. There’s also an excerpt of the book up at the same link, which I guess means The Today Show has made The Science of Kissing a book selection for its audience.

3. Los Angeles Times. There was an interview with Sheril by Lori Kozlowski that can be read here.

4. Time. The book was discussed on the HealthLand blog, and particularly what it says about the differences in kissing preferences between men and women.

5. Newsday. The book is recommended as a buy for Valentine’s Day.

6. Regional Papers: There are reviews in the Winnipeg Free Press, the (Wilmington Delware) News Journal, and the Fort Madison Daily Democrat.

Fair to say Sheril’s book has arrived….


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