My Unscientific America Seminar in Boulder

By Chris Mooney | February 13, 2011 10:40 am

I’ve been hanging out in Boulder, Colorado, this weekend, and saw a pair of bald eagles yesterday on a hike–and a lot of these little guys at right, which were everywhere. I also saw a golden eagle in a cage, presumably being rehabilitated. Plus, I got to hang out with the Bad Astronomer–so it has been a pretty good trip so far.

And now to business: The first seminar of the year at NCAR’s Earth System Laboratory will be on communication, as befits a growing interest in the topic here. I’m the speaker, and will be talking about our “Unscientific  America” and what scientists can do to better connect with the society in which they’re embedded.

You can click here for the official announce for my talk–and here’s the flier. Hope to see a lot of you there….


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  1. I’m looking forward to attending your talk (met you briefly at #scio11 – you really do look like my younger brother!). Enjoy Boulder! Right now we have our characteristic mid-winter warming w/Chinook winds. Glad you got to see the eagles – we’re a kinds of wildlife paradise here. Just where I work (near where you’re going to give your talk), we have a vixen who every year produces 3-4 kits; bucks during the winter; does and fawns in spring/summer; and a little family of skunks that remind us that, along with flowering trees and manure-spread fields, spring is in the air in Colorado.

  2. Gaythia

    Eagles need to eat, you know! That prairie dog looks scrumptious!

    Convenient of NCAR to locate this talk on my side of town, but I hope you are getting an opportunity to visit their Mesa facility also. I look forward to seeing you in person.

  3. Gaythia

    Prairie dog colonies might be worth worth comparing to the human condition. In the absence of adequate external controls, prairie dog colonies basically reproduce until they run out of resources and the colony collapses.

  4. Chris Mooney

    Thank you both for coming! and i didn’t say, but yeah, one of the eagles was eating something that looked like a prairie dog….

  5. Gaythia

    I really do hope that you get a tour of the NCAR facility on Table Mesa. The architecture and location are fascinating examples of the use a the building for framing. I believe that they are designed to send a message to the public that lofty, bold, unique and significant science takes place here.

    Others can see the facility here:

    Great talk! I’m hoping for a book that gives a strategy for now.


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