A drug called "Charlie Sheen"

By Sheril Kirshenbaum | March 4, 2011 1:31 pm

Everyone seems to be speculating about Charlie Sheen. The media paints things any way they want, and as a blogger, admittedly, with this post I add to the hullabaloo. But I’d like to contribute something to the conversation. I’ve seen Dr. Drew describing Sheen’s unusual behavior as possibly “drug induced,” bipolar, and/or manic. Meanwhile, he has reportedly tested negative for drugs and Neil DeGrasse Tyson recently tweeted:

Now I don’t know Charlie Sheen and cannot imagine what his lifestyle is really like. The media’s portrayal is assuredly not the full story.

That said, I suspect he may have more dopamine receptors dotting the tips of his nerve cells than the average man. Dopamine is a powerful chemical associated with craving, desire, and stimulation of pleasure-pathway nerves in the brain. As I explain in my book, research suggests that a high number may predispose us to sexual promiscuity or addictive behavior.

Should this be the case, then Sheen would be–as he describes–literally on a drug called “Charlie Sheen.”

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  1. Robert S-R

    Charlie Sheen and Neil deGrasse Tyson in one room? I’ surprised there wasn’t a matter/antimatter annihilation!

  2. Charles Schmidt

    Having listened to Charlie Sheen he is self-centered and over whelmed with is own importance. The world will go on with or without him no matter what he thinks.

  3. I wonder if Charlie Sheen’s copy of Microsoft Word says things like “It looks like you’re writing a divorce settlement”.

  4. Just another spoiled brat rich kid who came off the snow (cocaine) for the first time since he was 15 and has all the typical maturity of a 16-yr-old boy, that is to say he thinks Kant and his brutal honesty philosophy is the way to go. His attacks on self-help programs are unwarranted, immature and unnecessary. He’s a terrible Dad and a worse husband whose insecurities are so obvious he has to hook up with girls old enough to be his daughters.

    Or maybe I’m wrong and there really is something to this tiger blood and Adonis DNA. Where can I get some? đŸ˜‰

  5. Maybe the media know something about audiences. Sheen has over 1 million followers on twitter. I just want to know how many are waiting to be there for Sheen’s final psychic implosion so they can smile a self-congratulatory smile while mumbling “sucka”.

  6. Anthony McCarthy

    Charlie Sheen belongs in treatment not on camera.

    As my blogging partner pointed out, it’s so telling that he got fired for trash talking his boss, not for violence against women.

  7. Jocie

    Charlie Sheen is definitely high on himself and probably all the “controversy” (if it even deserves to be called that) surrounding him. I’d say that him meeting with Neil deGrasse Tyson should allow him some credibility on science and perhaps maybe, just maybe, a relevant diagnosis of himself.

  8. Bill E.

    The guy showed up to work every day, knew his lines, and made two and a half men the no.1 rated sit-com of all time, his producers even stated this. I can see his point that he produces despite the partying and womanizing, not just produces, produces no.1. Let’s not forget his off screen tirades are not tarnishing the image he portrays on t.v. , Charlie Harper is a boozing womanizer who they have in their own scripts in bed with hookers and always with a drink in his hands or hung over. The producers are even getting rich on the reruns which are getting top ratings which is why they can celled the production of the last nine episodes. Bet they dont stop airing those. The producers have become billionaires by glamorizing the very lifestyle that they are slamming Charlie Sheen for. Go pick on Jack Nicholson for a while, if you want to see a real womanizing ,druggie , and alcoholic sex addict! No under age girl has ever been raped in Charlie Sheens jacuzzi by a producer . He showed up to work, did his job well, and it paid off. PERIOD. Whether you like his lifestyle, his beliefs, his attitude, or his shirt. Thats all that should matter.


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