Richard Feynman Wants His Orange Juice

By Chris Mooney | March 23, 2011 10:32 am

For the next episode of Point of Inquiry, I’m interviewing Lawrence Krauss about his new book Quantum Man: Richard Feynman’s Life in Science. Inspired by the subject, I found this video of an elderly Feynman playing the bongos, which is truly classic and gives some sense of why he was such an unforgettable character:


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  1. Aaron

    Yeah, I feel the same way after staying up all night to finish my quantum mechanics homework . . .

  2. The book is great and I wrote the first review of it on Amazon. However it is mainly targeted towards physics-oriented people and contains little about Feynman’s personal life. For that the best reference is Gleick’s “Genius”. However Krauss has performed a valuable service in cutting through the Feynman legend and going straight to what defined Feynman’s soul- his science.

  3. Feynman was a great man. I remember reading his three red books Feynman’s Lectures for my undergraduate Physics classes way back in late 1960’s.

    As a tribute to him, I wrote about him in Hindi.


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