Nancy Grace Just *Knows* "Radiation" Has Reached California

By Chris Mooney | March 25, 2011 2:27 pm

This is painful to watch, but in terms of media scientific illiteracy, also highly instructive (h/t CJR):

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  1. Iason Ouabache

    Well, at least she admits that magic doesn’t exist.

  2. Dennis

    That woman disgusts me on so many levels.

  3. kirk

    She also knows that before the age of 12 every young girl in America is raped and murdered. If this was NOT true then I would see some 13 year old girls. Argue with that if you can.

  4. Mike G

    Nancy’s god only made it through community college.

  5. Absolutely insufferable. She refuses to listen to any reasonable viewpoint that conflicts with her arbitrarily chosen “certainty”.

  6. Chad

    Didn’t she just *know* that the Duke lacross team was guilty too?

  7. No wonder trail lawyers are held in low esteem. Apologies to the good ones. Maybe we need to disbar a few for mental incompetence.

  8. Sue

    Kudos to the weatherman. I hope he keeps his job.

  9. John EMCW

    No matter what she says, she is the most annoying person on television. She is more annoying than Beck and O’Reilly combined.

  10. MJ

    Nancy Grace was a prosecutor, not trial lawyer. She’s still a bumptious ignoramus.

  11. Christopher Kandrat

    Man she acts like she knows it all. Good job to the weather guy.

  12. I agree. This is painful to watch.

  13. hgc

    Prosecutors ⊂ Trial Lawyers

  14. Seems Nancy Grace just *knows* that radiation has reached California just like Sarah Palin *knows* that fruit fly research is senseless.

  15. Michael Derousselle

    She does jump to some crazy conclusions. I find it difficult to believe she was a prosecutor.

  16. Robert Berry

    Oh my god… I truly cannot think of anything to say that will adequately express how idiotic she was in this video. Nancy Grace is a moron. There’s now no doubt about it. One thing I cannot stand is a person who rejects reasonably deduced conclusions in support of arbitrary ones.

  17. Someone tell her her lightbulbs, time under the sun and bananas give her radiation.

  18. Marion Delgado

    I heard the question of radiation being carried by the ocean currents raised today and I thought, well, no, that’s why we focus on the atmosphere, which does sometimes carry radiation far, far away (not only chernobyl but some chinese above ground tests come to mind).

  19. Peter

    Nancy Grace is the new Jane Curtin to Dan Akroyd in the old SNL news sketch: “Nancy you ingnorant sl*t”

  20. Peter

    I misspelled ignorant. Lol.


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