A Picture of Obama's Reelection?

By Chris Mooney | April 1, 2011 11:38 am

From CNN Money:

Overall unemployment has also dropped by a percentage point over the last 4 months, and is now at 8.8 %.

If this continues, “are you better off than you were 4 years ago?” could be quite the campaign slogan….for different reasons, though, than in 1980.


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  1. There’s another question that Reagan asked in 1980 to which Obama can answer with a resounding yes: “Is America more respected throughout the world than it was four years ago?”. The US definitely enjoys much more goodwill in the world now than it did during the Bush years. Obama should make it a point to emphasize this important fact.

  2. Dan

    How about: Hey, despite you colossal Jack-Holes on the other side of the aisle, I did a fantastic job on every issue that came my way. Obama 2012!

  3. I guess my problem here is that Obama, despite having done a good job under difficult circumstances, has done little in the way of keeping his promise regarding science. Certainly on environmental issues he’s backpedaled, and I am sure many of those who supported him for his stance on the environment feel betrayed. (At least that’s my impression.) Will it be enough to get them voting against him. I doubt it, when you look at the ghastly opposition. But it might be enough to keep them away from the polls. And in a close election, that could be decisive.

  4. Chris Mooney

    Hey I’m not even saying that Obama is fully responsible for these numbers, though clearly he has a significant claim to them…I’m just saying, it looks like the economic recovery now really showing up in the job market, and assuming this continues, Obama’s reelection would seem to be on a firm footing. It’s the economy, stupid. I definitely think that will be the case in 2012.

  5. Jon

    8.8 % is still painful, and you might be able to make a case to the public for “not enough.”

    Compare to Reagan:


  6. dirk

    US Payroll % Change:
    1976 +3.2%
    1977 +3.9%
    1978 +5.1%
    1979 +3.6%
    1980 +0.7%


  7. Aiser

    Presidents don’t create jobs. They also don’t set the atmosphere to do so.
    Unemployment must be much higher then even 12%, when BLS does not include those whom simply given up looking for jobs. Hopefully the man does NOT get elected come 2012

  8. Stanley

    I think that you should take a good look at what kind of jobs are being generated!

  9. Matt B.

    CNN is using weird terminology. How does “payroll” mean “change in the number of jobs”? Payroll is a list (i.e. roll) of people being paid, not the number of those people. And there’s just nothing to indicate that what they’re showing is a differential of that.

    For election purposes, I like the larger chart on Nancy Pelosi’s Minority Leader page: http://www.democraticleader.gov/

  10. ThomasL


    No one believes the numbers anymore, not even CNBC, the head cheerleader of all the “green shoots” cheerleaders…

    as in about every indicator from the Government seems to work about like this anymore:

    But yea, things are going great…


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