Off to Norman, OK, for "Science: Becoming the Messenger"

By Chris Mooney | May 23, 2011 6:51 am

Blogging may be light from me today, as I’m flying off to Oklahoma for the latest sci comm training.

This one will be at the National Weather Center in Norman, which I had the privilege of visiting in 2009–the home to many of our country’s talented and invaluable tornado experts.

Point of Inquiry will go up later today, and I’ll have a DeSmogBlog post. I’ll put those up here as soon as I can.

Meanwhile, the NSF meeting–as usual–will be using the Twitter hashtag #nsfmessenger, so you can tune in there. I suspect we’ll also be composing another science communication Limerick tomorrow….


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  1. Matt B.

    Oh, no! What happened to the end of the paragraph? All that’s left is an ellipsis to indicate that something is missing. O cruel Fate, Stealer of Words, why do you taunt us with your sets of three periods?

    (I figure if I’m going to be an ass about grammar, I should at least try to make it entertaining.)


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