Catch Me Today on "Ring of Fire" Discussing Attacks on Climate Education

By Chris Mooney | August 17, 2011 9:37 am

OOPS: I am recording today for a show over the weekend.  My bad. Check local listings here.

I’ll be on the air today around 1 ET–check local listings–with Mike Papantonio. I’ll be discussing this recent DeSmog piece, which got a lot of pickup, about right wing attacks on climate science teaching at the local level.

I hope you’ll tune in.


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  1. Mike H

    Ring of Fire … would that be the show with anit-vaccine crusader RFK Jr and 9/11 Truther Sam Seeder as co-hosts? Would this be the same Papantonio who flirts with both of these camps? Boy you sure can pike em MR Mooney. Did someone just say “War on Science”?

    You can delete (again) this is you choose, after all this is your blog, but I find it most hypocritical of you.


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