The Intersection Has Officially Moved to Science Progress

By Chris Mooney | September 15, 2011 9:42 am

New blog URL is here.

I’ve written an introductory post, telling readers what to expect, here.

And I’ve done a first real post over there, entitled “Could Personality Differences Help Explain the Reality Gap on Climate Change?” I have never seen anyone take a crack at it from this angle before, so response should be interesting.

Those of you who have bookmarked will want to redirect to

Commenting over there is by Facebook, btw, so that will also be something to get used to.

See you!


Comments (10)

  1. TTT

    Does that mean no anonymous comments?

  2. Chris Mooney

    Yeah I guess, unless there is some way of getting around it. I don’t know.

  3. Chris Mooney

    In general, I find that discussions on my Facebook page are far more reasonable, and have a lot more decorum, than discussions on the blog, and that anonymous commenters have a lot to do with it. That’s not to say there aren’t perfectly reasonable anonymous commenters…there are. But there are far too many bad actors, so I’m not that sad about this, I guess.

  4. Hrm. Does it show up on my Facebook page, when I comment on something over there? Hopefully there’s a way to block that, at least.

    I would test it, but Facebook is blocked at my work.

  5. TTT

    Probably because Facebook is still largely seen as interactions between people–nearly always friends who actually know each other or who like one another on an individual level–rather than discussions of controversial issues. I don’t know ANYBODY who goes to issue-based Facebook pages. I for one am not interested in having any discussion, however initially polite, with a Milloy-styled corporate shill or potentially violence-prone anti-science ideologue when they are one click away from a picture of my kids.

    There are no real “privacy settings” on Facebook. Google’s cache shows everything you’ve got, regardless of what boxes you may have clicked; the requisite searching for cached pages takes about 20 seconds and is a poorly-kept secret. This, again, is why I suspect most people I’ve seen keep things relatively surface-level and uncontroversial, or later express regret that they did not do so.

    But, it’s your show, so do what you want.

  6. Chris Mooney

    # 4 there is an option to block that

    # 5 there are drawbacks indeed, but this was the call made….

  7. TerryEmberson


    I wish you luck in your new endeavor! I won’t do Facebook for privacy reasons.

  8. Chris Mooney

    Thanks Terry. I’m sorry FB is posing a problem for people. There may be a way to expand this going forward….

  9. Robert E

    Bad for those of us who despise Facebook and refuse to get an account there.

  10. Brian Too

    I kinda avoid FB and all social media sites. It might be my loss but… so much meaningless trivia… so little stuff I care about… friends who are not real friends… FB (and Google, and…) announcing ‘Oops, I did it again!’ over and over…

    That’s why I post more-or-less anonymously. My system isn’t perfect but it works for me.


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