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Upcoming Talks in West Virginia and Boston

By Sheril Kirshenbaum | March 30, 2011 10:13 am

Next week I’m headed to West Virginia University to participate in WVU’s Festival of ideas. I’ll be talking about science literacy in the U.S. as they launch their Inaugural Science and Technology Communication Symposium. For those in the area, I begin at 7:30 on April 5 and you can follow along on twitter by using the #WVUFestival hashtag. Details here.

A few days later I’m flying up to Boston for the 10 Year Anniversary of Tisch College. This will be my second trip to speak at Tufts in one month and as a alumna, I’m honored to be part of the “Breakthrough Innovations” portion of the day. For the Jumbos out there, this takes place on April 9 and you can register here.

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My Unscientific America Seminar in Boulder

By Chris Mooney | February 13, 2011 10:40 am

I’ve been hanging out in Boulder, Colorado, this weekend, and saw a pair of bald eagles yesterday on a hike–and a lot of these little guys at right, which were everywhere. I also saw a golden eagle in a cage, presumably being rehabilitated. Plus, I got to hang out with the Bad Astronomer–so it has been a pretty good trip so far.

And now to business: The first seminar of the year at NCAR’s Earth System Laboratory will be on communication, as befits a growing interest in the topic here. I’m the speaker, and will be talking about our “Unscientific  America” and what scientists can do to better connect with the society in which they’re embedded.

You can click here for the official announce for my talk–and here’s the flier. Hope to see a lot of you there….

Three Science of Kissing Talks Coming Up

By Sheril Kirshenbaum | February 8, 2011 1:08 pm

Since Chris posted his upcoming talks, I’ll add mine to the mix…

Tomorrow, February 9th at 6pm, I’ll be speaking at UT-Austin’s Science Study Break. By using film and television clips as examples, I’ll describe the science behind why we kiss and there will be giveaways as well!

On Friday, February 11 at 5pm, I’ll be speaking at Science in the Pub at The Cactus Cafe, also at UT.

And on Monday February 14th, I will be speaking at Hofstra University in New York. The Science of Kissing is a terrific topic for Valentines Day!

There will also be a lot of radio and television appearances over the next several days as well, so stay tuned!

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Georgia on My Mind

By Sheril Kirshenbaum | October 21, 2010 2:04 pm

Today I’m at North Georgia College & State University and can already report that I’m falling in love with the town of Dahlonega–known as the gateway to the Blue Ridge Mountains and the site where the Gold Rush began in 1928. I’m here as the speaker for the university’s information literacy initiative and will be talking to students and the community about scientific illiteracy in the United States.

Tonight’s event is free and open to the public so if you’re in the area, come on by! It takes place at 7:30 in the Health & Natural Sciences Building. You can read more about this terrific initiative and my participation at The Gainesville Times

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Next Stop DC

By Sheril Kirshenbaum | September 22, 2010 10:23 am

Picture 3So much to blog about and so little time. I have a great deal to say about the past few days at the Clinton Global Initiative, but must now take off for DC. I’m extremely excited about Thursday’s L’Oreal/Discover panel, yet leaving NYC is bittersweet… I have immensely enjoyed the time I’ve spent here and would love to stay through the final sessions.

CGI has been an extraordinarily inspiring experience. This meeting demonstrates that we are moving toward becoming a global community by fostering unique partnerships that continue to improve millions of peoples’ lives around the world. In troubled times, CGI gives me reason for hope. I’ll share more on that soon.

loreal_unesco_01Now on to Capitol City to prepare for the next event: Issues Affecting Women in Science: For Women in Science—21st Century Policy and Politics. I look forward to seeing some of you there!

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The Coming Week

By Sheril Kirshenbaum | September 17, 2010 9:47 am shaping up to be quite busy, fascinating, and a lot of fun.

On Monday I’ll fly to New York to attend the Clinton Global Initiative. Last night Bill Clinton visited The Daily Show to talk about politics, American skepticism, and suggest the least expensive and fastest way to improve the economy and decrease unemployment:

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c
Exclusive – Bill Clinton Extended Interview Pt. 1
Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor Tea Party

Next I’m headed to DC to moderate Thursday’s L’Oreal/Discover Capitol Hill panel on women in science. Here’s an excerpt from the press release:

Congressional briefing explores the issues and opportunities

“The contributions of female scientists are critical to U.S. advancements in science and economic growth,” said Frédéric Rozé, President and Chief Executive Officer of L’Oréal USA. “By convening this congressional briefing, L’Oréal USA hopes to renew national dialogue about breaking barriers and forging new paths for women in science.”

Panelists include:

  • Russlynn Ali, Assistant Secretary, Office of Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Education
  • Dr. Shirley Malcom, Head of Education and Human Resources, American Association for Advancement of Science (AAAS)
  • Pr. Joan Steitz, Sterling Professor of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry, Yale University
  • Pr. Sara Seager, Ellen Swallow Richards Professor of Planetary Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Sheril Kirshenbaum, Author of Unscientific America and Science Blogger for (Moderator)

With travel, posting may be light at times, but I’ll be sharing details from both events here at The Intersection and via twitter (hashtag #CGI2010).

See You in June!

By Sheril Kirshenbaum | April 27, 2010 8:53 am

Over the past three years, I’ve blogged nearly every day at least once. Today I’m going on vacation… without a laptop!

snoopyFor the month of May, The Intersection will return to its roots as Chris Mooney flies solo once again, but he’ll be in excellent company: I’ve lined up a series of terrific guest bloggers that will appear throughout the month! Readers can look forward to diverse contributions from several terrific writers and scientists and I hope you’ll welcome them here and participate in comments.

By the time I return, I’ll be 30 times round that spectacular star of ours. So see you in June!


Science Literacy, the Nature of Science and Religion

By Sheril Kirshenbaum | March 16, 2010 7:53 am

Today I’m off to Portland, OR for the 2010 American Physical Society’s March meeting to participate in this panel:

Science Literacy, the Nature of Science and Religion

Jon Miller: The Development of Civic Scientific Literacy in the United States

Sheril Kirshenbaum: How Scientific Illiteracy Threatens Our Future

Murray Peshkin: Addressing the Public About Science and Religion

Judith Scotchmoor: Increasing our understanding of how science really works

Art Hobson: Physics Literacy for All Students

Our session will be moderated by Lawrence Woolf and you can read the abstracts online. I’m really looking forward to what I’m certain will be a very interesting discussion.

Headed to San Diego for AAAS 2010

By Sheril Kirshenbaum | February 17, 2010 9:54 am

Around this time last year, an unexpected trip to the hospital led to an anesthesia mistake giving me aspiration pneumonia. Although I recognized how serious the situation was, I was also very sad to miss my favorite annual science event: The 2009 AAAS meeting in Chicago–including The Science of Kissing symposium I had helped organize for Valentine’s Day.

As you can imagine, one year later I’m extremely grateful to be healthy, fully recovered, and on my way to attend the 2010 meeting with David. And I’m also delighted to be joining the AAAS program committee. Most of all, I’m looking forward to catching up with friends in science, journalism, policy–and especially, a few former Sea Grant Fellows. And CM too of course.

Blogging may be light during the conference, but expect some upcoming posts on what’s happening in San Diego…

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Good Morning DC

By Sheril Kirshenbaum | January 5, 2010 7:50 am

Picture 29This morning I’m back in the District to address the Federation of Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) about ways to improve the communication of science. With members representing over 90 organizations including NOAA, NASA, and USGS, they work to collect, interpret, and develop applications for Earth observation information. It’s my first talk of 2010 and I’m very much looking forward to spending the day with such a neat interdisciplinary group.


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