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Obama's "War on Science"?

By Chris Mooney | July 14, 2010 8:02 am

There was a pretty disturbing story in the Los Angeles Times recently about how much trouble some government scientists are having in the Obama administration–which has not formally issued its promised scientific integrity rules yet.

Now, organizations whose work I trust, like Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) and the Union of Concerned Scientists, are going on record saying that there are some serious cases of science being suppressed or interfered with in various government agencies. I have not independently investigated any of the cases here, but you have got to take these kinds of charges seriously.

Let’s go through some claims from the Times article, to list and also to comment: Read More

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Unruly Democracy: Pictures, Videos

By Chris Mooney | May 23, 2010 9:38 am

The conference on science blogging at the Harvard Kennedy School from last month now has a lot of multimedia available. There are Flickr pictures, like this one, showing a panel comprised of myself, Jessica Palmer, Francesca Grifo of the Union of Concerned Scientists, and moderator Sam Evans:

Unruly Democracy Pic 1

And there are also 35 YouTube vids of the entire event. I am going to post some of these over the course of the week with commentary, but for now, you can start from the intro, by Harvard’s Sheila Jasanoff, and go from there…

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Virginia Scientists Fight Back Against Harrassment and Abuse

By Chris Mooney | May 18, 2010 10:42 am

See here and here. The Union of Concerned Scientists has organized a statement from 800 researchers in Virginia defending Michael Mann and denouncing Ken Cuccinelli’s tactics and investigation. Key quote: “In the interests of the people of Virginia, we urge you to halt this burdensome and entirely unwarranted investigation.” Now if only the University of Virgina would lend its heft to the cause…


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