Ohio Loses Its Way

By Carl Zimmer | March 10, 2004 4:45 pm

Ohio’s Board of Education has taken a big step towards forcing its students to waste their time on creationist pseudo-objections to evolution. PZ Meyers has a good round-up of this sad situation.

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  1. tyas

    Mr Zimmer (or is there any other way I might call you?), my name’s Tyas from Indonesia. I’m a biology student, and am currently in my last year.
    I read your At The Water’s Edge recently, and I want to say thank you, it helped me much in understanding more about macroevolution.
    I’m very sad to hear about the Ohio’s wrong steps. I notice that even in the US, evolution seems to be a dirty word in some parts of it. Not so long ago, some anti-evolutionists backed up by Turkish Harun Yahya International (an anti evolution movement) tried to change Indonesian curriculum, in which evolution is an obligatory subject in biology. Fortunately, they failed, because the scientists quickly tackled them. But they are still struggling now, and we are fighting back–to use a rather radical term. Wish us luck that our country will not lose her way.


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