Poetry in a Cow Pie

By Carl Zimmer | August 6, 2007 10:30 pm

Who says scientists can’t write? Moselio Schaechter finds a lovely passage about a lowly fungus from 1884.

Small Things Considered: The Victorian Way With Words


Comments (2)

  1. and, like just about every story in biology, there’s a parasite story there too. Since Pilobolus goes a progress through the guts of a cow and exits in a pile of dung and cows don’t graze around such piles it has developed a kind of hydrolic rocket mechanism to launch itself from dung to grass. If that wasn’t neat enough the larvae of a lungworm (can’t remember which species) that also faces the problem of getting from dung to grass to cow actually invades the Pilobus fungi and gets a free ride.

  2. How come we post about the same unusual organism on the same day?


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