Science Tattoo Friday: Someone Needs Your Ideas!

By Carl Zimmer | November 9, 2007 3:15 pm

Super alloy.JPG 1. From this week’s crop of new tattoos: Abraham writes: “I got mine in grad school (PhD materials science and applied physics, 2004 Cal). The tatoo is a convergent beam electron diffraction (CBED) image of 6-4 Ti alloy (hexagonal, or beta phase) one of the first ‘super alloys’. Being light-weight, high-strength, and corrosion resistant, I felt it was appropriate to put on my back, to keep it strong.”

2. We are now actually inspiring people to get new science tattoos. Janet Stemwedel, my estimable fellow scienceblogger, send the following request:

I’m planning a mini-midlife crisis for my next birthday in the form of a tattoo. (I can’t afford a sports car.) The challenge is to work out what to get permanently applied to my skin.

Something science-y would be ideal. (My first choice would be something related to chemistry, but something cool from the history of science would work as well.)

Maybe your readers can tell me what to get tattooed on myself? (I’m loath to ask my own readership, since that includes my mother!) In case it matters, the most likely location would be in the vicinity of an ankle.

If you need inspiration, check out all 91 pictures in my flickr set. Janet promises to add her own photo to the set once we give her the right idea.

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