By Carl Zimmer | February 17, 2008 9:14 am

“Here is my archaeopteryx, the ‘missing link’ between birds and reptiles. It comes in handy as a visual tool during debates with creationists that like to visit campus sometimes! Yes, I know structural pigments probably had not evolved by this time…” –Jeremy Batten

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  1. Emil Geller

    wooowwww!!!!! I thought I was the only freakish Archaeopteryx fan, but now I see that there is somebody else even more fan of A.litographica… are you a paleontologist?
    Archaeopterix rocks!
    BTW, I had this little trip to Germay (Solnhofen) to meet the limestones were Archaeopteryx was embedded ;)

  2. Dave Hone

    Nice stuff. Well, that’s the Berlin one taken care of, just another 9 specimens to go….

  3. The Name of my bands most recent Album is Archaeopteryx. =)


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